Help naturally. Naturally effective.

How to teach a brand to get up and run.
Bambini Kinderarznei.

Heel is the first company to introduce a product range for treating the most common childhood complaints. We were able to act as creative midwives – and send Bambini Kinderarznei off on its way with a complete communications package.


Packshots with loving power

It all started with the names and package designs for Bronchobini, Flatulini, Cutacalmi und Lunafini.

Hello, I’m Bini Bambini

Medicine bear Bini Bambini is a genuinely sympathetic character.

Natural & emotional

Authentic black/white look and colourful details in the ads help achieve the tricky balancing act between instilling trust in the products and visualising the world of children

Welcome to bambini-Kinderarznei - web

The main emphasis of the campaign is on the website and online communication. Here as well we play out the ABCs of Bambini Kinderarznei.

Communication with Appeal

Advertise more lovingly - that was our aim.


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From iced to sophisticated.


The Northern German traditional brand

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The Family firm with a face.