The Northern German traditional brand gets a fresh new placement.

Typical Northern Germany: The new Hansano is getting a lot of attention.

The new image campaign for Northern Germany’s best-known milk brand was literally rolled out of its packaging in 2014: Not only has the new packaging received center stage as here, the new design also serves as a means for communication.


Fresh, bold and a little out-side of the box.

The new Hansano campaign is a funny example of what happens when a client and an agency speak the same language, we’re talking about: northern German. No matter if it’s Pasture Milk, whipping cream or organic milk, regardless bus ad, poster or print – this likeable campaign with its bold statements and eye-catching format is conquering our target group like a storm. Typical Northern German.



Making the North mobile.

Fitting to our campaign, the Hansano homepage is a fresh new addition to the internet – and is of course smartphone compatible. After all, this site offers more than just usual brand and product pages, but so much more – from bike tours to vacationing on a farm.


Plattdeutsch advertising with a phenomenal effect.

Northern German country living is brought to life in three different radio spots: three funny farmers, each has his own set of rules to always know from which direction the wind is blowing. It’s like Farmer Petersen says, “If the cow in the pasture is feeling well, the milk too will taste phenomonell.”* And he is right *in German there is play on the northern German “Plattdeutsch” sound: „Fühlt die Kuh sich draußen wohl, schmeckt die Milch phenomenooool.“



Funkspot “Weidemilch 1”

Funkspot “Weidemilch 2”

Funkspot “Konditorsahne”




Fills good!


The pure miracle of nature.

The new Milka Collage

A collage to fit your taste!