Literature on the 5-Star-Plus niveau



Style, design and spaciousness, scope, flexibility and individuality: how to arouse interest in a ship that is jettisoning many cruise rituals and setting course for casual luxury at the highest level? With brochures and catalogues that reflect the unique concept of the EUROPA 2: through high-quality visuals, atmospheric pictures and unexpected creative ideas. After all, it’s not only the ship that is supposed to earn the highest 5-Star-plus rating ...


Region Folders

The destinations: the most beautiful coasts in the world. The routes: full of variety and versatile combinations.
The folders: full of atmosphere, high-quality, arousing anticipation.


Special folders

A snow globe for trips to escape the German winter. A 5-Star-plus folder whose cut-out shape is already a statement. An image folder that, with uncommon boldness, plays with prejudices against cruises. Simply good ideas, with which the uniqueness of EUROPA 2 is visible and touchable.


Literature on the 5-Star-Plus niveau


Jacobs Coffee World

From iced to sophisticated.


The pure miracle of nature.

Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.