Jacobs - Coffee delight – from iced to sophisticated.

New in the cold case. And brand new in the market.

The summer will be mmmmmh: with the four deliciously iced Latte Macchiato varieties from Jacobs. For the market launch of these new coffee specialities, we developed a completely new communications presentation.


Hot, hotter, and then cool off.

Our 15-second TV commercial, filmed in sunny Barcelona, ran at prime time and on all the important TV channels.


Just have to indulge.

When best Jacobs coffee meets top of the line brands such as Milka, Oreo or Daim, the choice is really difficult. It’s easy, on the other hand, to find the new favourite coffee specialities in the supermarket.

A fine selection – the new Jacobs capsules.

In the spring of 2014, Jacobs launched the new Espresso and Lungo capsules. Our sujets were employed in print ads and on posters as well as online – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Appetizing even for eyes.

An out-of-the ordinary aroma calls for an extraordinarily fresh, novel creation. W&V thinks the same – the trade publication chose our ad for their Ad of the Month (Issue 25/2014).

Little capsule. Great presentation.

Hoardings at well-frequented places launch the new Lungo capsules in XXL format.




Fills good!


The pure miracle of nature.

Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.