The blond-but-not-dumb campaign.

This blond ensures one thing above all:
attractive sales figures.

Since September 2011, they are the new Dream Team:
POCO furnishings markets and Daniela Katzenberger. The two share the inclination to low prices as well as a steep story of success. The front woman with the perfect measurements combines image and sales advertising in an extremely likable way.



Just a hop, skip and jump to success.

From part-time waitress to Germany’s most famous cult-blonde – Daniela Katzenberger (the Cat) has had an extraordinary career. Today, she is known as a bestseller author, actress, model, cafe-owner, ad star, and so on and so on...

What a face-lift a refurbishment can mean!

She came, she babbled, she sold. Regularly and on all the wide-coverage TV stations.
Her ingenuous manner makes for one thing above all: rising sales.


Here saving even goes on air.

In TV sponsoring, Daniela exhibits full bodily engagement on behalf of her favourite furnishings supplier POCO.

The plain, unvarnished truth.

This is what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras are off. Here you can take a look at our “Making of”:

How does pink sound?

Quick at repartee and always a pat reply on her lips –
that’s our “Cat” and of course, also the radio spots for her favourite furniture market.


Funkspot “Kopf”

Funkspot “WSV”

Funkspot “HighHeels”

Dial K for “Kat”!

The „Cat“ has her paws in every pie. Listen up – to our waiting loop on POCO’s telephone service line.


Click ...

“What you don’t have up here, you’ve got to have down here.”



Cat, more apt would be: “Germany’s best-known bargain hunter”.


New openings every year.


TV spots














The new Milka Collage

A collage to fit your taste!


The pure miracle of nature.

Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.