Genuinely Schwartau

Genuinely well thought out. ...Genuinely well executed.

Trustworthy, modern and innovative, long-established, transparent, and authentic: with the project “Genuinely Schwartau”, the Schwartau Werke reflects on their special strengths and for the first time in the century-long history of the firm, the company and the umbrella brand unite in a combined presentation. We worked on this for about a year. The visual bracket that holds them together: the key design, a wooden table that can be put to various uses with different accessories to illustrate and objectify individual subjects – combined with a memorable promise that boils the philosophy of the Schwartau Werke down to the essence: “Genuinely well done.“…



All the subjects listed on one page: unites all the relevant aspects to do with the mission und stance of Schwartau. Thus, among other things, detailed information about what regions and countries the firm sources its fruit. The website is created in responsive design; for mobile devices there is a version edited for these special requirements.


Qr Videos

The core element of the website: six informative QR videos that explain the aims and working methods of Schwartauer Werke. Where do the strawberries come from? How do new product ideas arise? What significance does the subject of the home region have for the company? Important questions to which there are genuine answers – even if it means getting up at six in the morning to stand in the strawberry field ...









In print as well, our image ad says “genuinely well done". And by scanning the QR code, you can get to know our contract farmer, Dirk Hadenfeldt.




A new presentation calls for creativity - and clear-cut rules as to how it can be rendered consistently in various channels. The guidelines are to be found in our Brandbook.




The food retail market is the most important distribution channel for the Schwartau Werke. In order to inspire enthusiasm among our trade partners for the new presentation, we put together a great package in the true sense of the word – with sales folders and high-class give-aways, such as wooden ball-point pens and bound A4 note-books. Plus a packet of seeds for growing one’s own strawberry plants. Thus, in every respect, we provide for growth.




Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.


The pure miracle of nature.

Gothaer Versicherungen

All worries gone.