A collage to fit your taste!


Milka has come up with a real delicacy for their delicious 2015 Choconatics line. At the forefront: the new Milka Collage - Where the top leaders in the world of flavors come together. In two varieties. From caramel and raspberry to chocolate, nut and cookie crumbles. We are supervising the product launch on all channels.





supersized banner/OOH

The main focus of the key visuals is the ingredients, which look good in any format. The supersized banner at the Votive Church in Vienna truly emphasizes their divine qualities.





The Bild magazine also has a soft side, as can be seen in the collage strip ad, which stretches across several pages.




Electronic Screen

The unusual combination of ingredients can be especially well presented in moving pictures. The electronic screen fills commuters on public transportation to pleasant thoughts, even in the worst rush hour.





Display Ads

With the help of the online banners we fill the collage idea with special focus on the ingredients.



Projection, Hamburg.

In Hamburg, the launch of the collage was announced with a big bang, using the brand new electronic media façade of the St. Pauli Clubhouse. This was new for all of us and it was no small challenge. Up to that point, no one had ever worked with such a façade or such technology. The best scenario for introducing a brand new product. This collage is one of only a few brands shown at the façade premiere. What can we say? It looked great – made to fit our taste!




Fills good!


The Northern German traditional brand

Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.