Pfanni Mini dumplings: Fills good!

Small, delicious, versatile: The filled Pfanni mini-dumplings add flavor and diversity to your plate. Our idea: mini spots for the mini dumpling. In three 10 second ads, we would present various gourmets presenting their recipe ideas – modern, authentic and very delicious. Two of these spots would be blocked together and placed on Facebook for interaction. Additionally, POS placement would provide recipe cards to be torn off and taken with to encourage impulse buying.





Pfanni dumplings: Christmas treats!

Christmas time is dumpling time – and especially emotional. That is what our 20 second market leader, where a mother is skyping with her daughter in Australia and a surprise visitor comes, is all about … parallel to the spot we developed recipe brochures with Christmas recipes as well as a promotional weekly give-away for train tickets or a gas tank filling for a trip back home.






The new Milka Collage

A collage to fit your taste!


The Northern German traditional brand

Rügenwalder Mühle

The Family firm with a face.